Change of managing director at Lahti Glass Technology

Lahti Glass Technology had a change of Managing Director in the beginning of 2023 as company’s current Managing Directors Jarmo Näppi retires. Näppi has led Lahti Glass Technology since its founding in 2018.

Jarmo Sopanen, has been appointed as Lahti Glass Technology’s new Managing Director. He has previously worked as company’s Sales Director.  Jarmo Näppi will operate as a Senior Advisor to the new Managing Director during the until his contract expires before summer holidays.

“It’s nearly 5 years since Lahti Glass Technology was founded and I was invited to run the company.

I’m truly grateful to Zippe family and the board of directors about the trust and great support I have enjoyed during my term, which will soon end to my retirement. I heartfully thank the personnel of Lahti Glass Technology for excellent and committed work on glass factory projects and good spirit on each day in the office and at the sites.

I’m very pleased to have the chance to pass my duties as a senior advisor to Mr. Jarmo Sopanen during the last months”, says Jarmo Näppi.

“I´m very grateful to have this opportunity to continue the great work Jarmo has done. I’m going to take the company forward with a great team working together. I think my experience in the glass industry will help, I already have a good network of people in the industry.

I look into the future with a positive mindset. We have the ability to solve our customers’ challenges – in new and old plants. And we will continue to invest more and more in solving challenges in order to be of benefit to our current and future customers,” says Jarmo Sopanen.

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