new recycling plant

New recycling plant

Don’t waste time or material. Recycle with us!

The fibreglass factory always generates fibre waste, which has long been hazardous waste and dumped in landfills. The amount of fibre waste can be relatively high. We can help you with our modern glass technology know-how.

Instead of environmental problems and high waste charges, we have developed the method that turns the customer’s fibre waste into a new raw material for the process, so there are a lot of benefits for the customer. The waste fee savings alone shortens the payback period for the investment is remarkably. The mill also partly saves on the use of virgin raw materials by replacing them with fibre waste.

Before it can be reused the fibre waste has to be treated. The fibre bundles will be chopped, shredded and dried. For drying, the mill can use the waste heat from the flue gases of its own furnace. After drying, the fibre waste is taken to the mills. The chopped fibre is made into a powdered and thus ready raw material for production again.

From cullet to a new raw material

Waste is always generated in the manufacture of glass products. However, cullet can be turned into raw materials and the money, environment and energy can be saved. We offer our know-how and advanced systems for your benefit. We can design, supply and build cullet handling systems to meet your specific challenges. So we offer also glass cullet handling systems to recycle the cullet. The environment and your business will thank you.

Fibre waste recycling plant in Latvia – Reuse instead of landfill waste

The fibreglass factory always generates fibre waste, which has long been hazardous waste and dumped in landfills. We are talking about important issues from many different perspectives.

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Modernization of the plant

New batch plant is not always the most suitable or the most efficient solution to the challenges you have. Sometimes a plant upgrade or subassembly is better option. We are specialized and have an excellent references to modernize your batch plant and cullet handling system

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