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You have a challenge; we have a solution.

Do you have a challenge with your batch or recycling plant? It doesn’t matter if you are in the need of a new plant or upgrading your existing plant, we have the solution!

Lahti Solutions Clinic provides you the answer to your differing challenges you might have in manufacturing homogenous high-quality batch for the glass industry.

We can also help you with the design and implementation of your new recycling plant as well as solve the challenges of recycling glass fibre waste or cullet. We have the method that turns the fibre waste into a new raw material for the process. And we can do the same with cullet, too.

The clinic pays attention to all your needs and restrictions in order to find you the best and the most cost-effective solution. Lahti Glass Technology has decades of experience in supplying batch plants and affiliated systems and technologies for the glass industry. Experience of almost 300 high-quality batch plants generates a firm ground to solve all kinds of challenges you might have.

In the Solutions Clinic service, we take a close look to your challenge and associated technical and economic circumstances. After we have mapped your challenge as a whole and together with you had a look to the steps needed, we will provide you our suggestion for a solution. Even if there are multiple different solutions for your challenge, we will take your special needs into account and therefore the provided solution is always tailor-made.

Plant audit

We provide Plant Audits as part of our Solutions Clinic. Your glass industry batch plant can be aged, you might need to raise up the capacity, improve the operation or difficulty in finding spare parts may harm the plant maintenance. The solution is not always a new batch plant. It can be part of it, that solves problems e.g. in the dosing or in removing the plant dust. In many cases, with a new recycling plant, we can significantly improve your business and make it more sustainable.

The main goal for the Plant Audit is to have realistic and up-to-date view to the state of the batch plant, your expectations and boundaries. Resources are determined by what we together agree to be done.

In a typical case we map condition of different sections of the batch plant (mechanics, electrics, control system) by position. Conversations with your operating and maintenance staff, and a guidance to them on more efficient operation and maintenance are essential parts of the Plant Audit. Our Plant Audit -report includes our suggestions for operations, based on our perceptions, surveys and measurements made at the batch plant.

Value engineering

Value Engineering is full-service engineering, that adds value to the service you get from Lahti Glass Technology as part of our Solutions Clinic. The main goal of Value Engineering is to create optimized solutions to the challenges and problems you have with your batch plant. We take your demands and circumstances into account and provide you a batch plant model, plant upgrade or a subassembly that will solve your challenges.

Value Engineering can also include a plant model engineered with specific accuracy, with which you are able to budget the CapEx of the batch plant.

Learn more about the Solutions Clinic in practice and how we helped Corning Pharmaceutical Glass to renew and modernize the batch plant control system and electronic components. Read why our client decided to trust in Lahti Glass Technologys’ expertise and to step inside the Solutions Clinic.

LGT’s experience and competence brought added value to a batch plant renewing project in Italy

The challenge was to renew and modernize the batch plant control system and electronic components with minimal interrupt to the production lines.

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