Would you be the next to work for Lahti Glass Technology?

We operate in an international market, delivering projects all over the world. Successful projects rely on long and strong expertise and a good working atmosphere. With us, you will get to see and learn about all stages of the project delivery chain.

We offer a wide range of career opportunities on an ongoing basis. We are always looking for people to fill these positions, among others:

  • Engineer, mechanical
  • Chief engineer, mechanical
  • Control System Expert
  • Engineer, process electrification
  • Project manager
  • Supervisor, electrical and mechanical installations
  • Sales manager

You can send a open application to: jarmo.sopanen@lahti-glass.fi

Students and recent graduates: make a career with us!

We offer engineering students in the process of graduating, as well as graduates and engineers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, the opportunity to develop into the top engineering professionals as part of a professional, international and evolving working community.

You will be supported by a diverse team of experts and the most modern design tools in the industry. Our company offers excellent career development opportunities from designer to administrative positions.

You can send us an open application and your CV. You can also apply for a summer job or do a thesis with us.

Apply at: jarmo.sopanen@lahti-glass.fi

Employee stories

What is it like to work for us? What are the things that stand out about everyday life in our company? What do our employees say about their careers? Here you can find out more about our different employee stories.

Introducing: Annukka Broman

"LGT has an excellent team, like a family, with whom you work together. And when new people come in, they are very well integrated into the team. If there are problems, everybody help each other."

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Introducing: Leo Raatikainen

"I have been here for a total of about 30 years. The colleagues I work with are truly amazing. We work as a team here. It depends on the individual to a great extent, what kind of career path one can create at LGT. There are opportunities in any direction."

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Introducing: Miikka Lähteenmäki

"I believe LGT is suitable for anyone. This team welcomes new employees very well. The work is diverse and challenging, and you don't get lost in bureaucratic whirlwinds here."

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Matti Jäppinen

Introducing: Matti Jäppinen

"LGT is a relatively small company, but we have strength. I have always enjoyed working here. There has never been a morning when I didn't feel like going to work. The work is meaningful, and the team spirit is great. Everyone helps each other, and assistance is readily available."

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Petteri Mäkelä

Introducing: Petteri Mäkelä

"We help and support our colleagues here, and assistance is always available when needed. LGT clearly looks forward and strongly envisions the future."

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Introducing: Jamshid Shidfar

"LGT is a skilled house. A small team has bonded well together, and everyone supports each other as needed. I have always liked this kind of work culture"

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