Challenge, solution - the right product selection.

Products in part of the solution

Our job is to find a solution to your challenge in glass technology and then define which equipment can best meet it. Whether you have a need for a new batch plant, modernization of the plant or recycling plant, you will find the best fitting equipment and machinery with us. Here are some examples of the products that can be selected when finding optimum solution for your need.

Product examples in batching project


Raw material receiving and transfer

Mechanical receiving: for example receiving hoppers, belt feeders and conveyors, vibratory feeders, bucket elevators, rotating distributors, screw conveyors and diverter gates and chute

Pneumatic receiving: for example big bag unloading units, blow tanks, pneumatic transfer pipes and diverters

Raw material storage and discharge

For example steel silos, concrete silos, silo level detection / level probes, bin activators / knockers / hammers/ unbalanced drives and fluidization systems.

Watch the video about hopper fluidization. 

Dosing and weighing

For example dosing screws, double dosing screw, vibratory feeders, belt feeders, hopper scales, belt scales


For example an type mixers / intensive mixers, pneumatic blenders

Batch transport

For example belt conveyors / Bucket elevators /diverters, magnets and metal detection and rejection, shuttle conveyors, furnace hopper level detection

Pneumatic transfer pipes: For example assisted dense phase pneumatic transfer, dilute phase transport piping, furnace chargers

Dust elimination -solutions

For example: Dust flaps, dust filters

These products can be part of the solution. Dust is a common issue in the glass industry. Efficient dedusting system is necessary to avoid dust emission to the environment. The question is not only about suitable dust filters but about overall design of the process equipment.

Control System

For example SCADA, Recipe Maker, PLC, Weighing Instruments

Reporting: Browser based SQL database reporting BIMS

Process Electrification

For example LCC and MCC

Product examples in cullet return systems

For example: In-line and end of line breakers for float cutting lines, Receiving hoppers, Hopper bottom breakers, Belt conveyor, Hammer crushers, Double roll crushers, Jaw crushers, Scraper conveyers, Cooling vibrators feeders, Cold end conveyors

Product examples in fibre recycling

For example Collection of fibre forming waste, Shredders, Grinders, Fluid Bed Dryers, Furnace chargers for waste glass

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