Reinforcement fiber

Lahti Glass Technology has developed unique, completely pneumatic batch plant technologies for reinforced fiber glass production. They can also be utilized also for other glass types as long as the raw materials are dry and have uniform particle size. The know-how is based on our patented fluidization technology originally used in plaster and mortar dry mixing plants.

Traditional screw feeders are replaced with air slides and double dosing valves. The only moving part is the dosing valve. Mixing takes place in a unique pulsating pneumatic blender, after which batch is transported pneumatically to the furnace silo. The unique technology allows simpler layouts, easier maintenance, and reduced operating costs.

Lahti’s innovative recycling system for fiber forming waste was developed jointly with one of our key customers. The unique process does not require energy intensive grinding but instead only shredding of fibers and it incorporates a simple pneumatic transport system of shredded fibers to the furnace silo and finally a loss-in-weigh furnace charger. That enables continuous knowledge of how many kilos per second the infeed is to the furnace.

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