Our Solutions Clinic is open, we are ready to help you

Do you have a challenge with a glass batch or recycling plant? No matter how big the challenge you have, together we will find you a solution to help you succeed.

We are delighted to introduce you the Solutions Clinic. With our Solutions Clinic service we have lowered the threshold as low as it can be for you to step in. Whether you are in demand for a whole new glass batch or recycling plant, or your existing plant needs modernization, our service can solve your challenge. The first step is to map your challenge taking into consideration your individual technical and economic circumstances. After looking at the big picture and the steps needed together, we will provide you our suggestion for a solution. Even if there are multiple different solutions for your challenge, we will take your special needs into account and always find a solution that is tailor-made for you.

Our Solutions Clinic combines the solid experience of almost 300 plants and our Nordic know-how, which guarantee you the latest technological solutions that are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our goal is to put ourselves into your service and to give you the keys for boosting your business.

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