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We are LGT

Many of you already know us, but not all of you do. Besides, repetition is always good, even for us. From time to time, it’s good to go back and reflect on who you are and why you exist. What is our purpose in this glass world? That’s enough for one blog post, right?

What are we?

In short, we are the leading solutions provider to the glass industry. According to our customers, we are known for our expertise, our ability to design and understand the potential and benefits of different solutions for the various challenges faced by glass industry companies.

Every challenge is different, and so are the solutions. That’s when expertise and experience in different projects is really important. Experience cannot be bought, it must be earned. For us, that means decades of hard work and hundreds of projects delivered. We dare say that we know and understand our playing field quite well.

Nevertheless, no one is ever ready. Satisfaction is the surest way to regress. That’s why developing and updating your skills is crucial. The world is changing and the challenges and solutions for the glass industry are changing.

But we can make changes, too. For example, sustainability and recycling technologies are hot topics in the glass industry right now. The aim is to recycle production waste and side streams into raw material so that nothing has to go to landfill. This saves the environment and a lot of money, too. On the recycling side, we have developed new solutions and more are being developed all the time. That is something to be proud of.

Why do we exist?

Why does LGT exist? One thing is pride and tradition. Our history goes back over a hundred years and the name has changed from Raute Precision Oy to Lahti Precision over the days before it became Lahti Glass Technology. Since then, we have travelled a long way to the present day, and we continue to develop new and better practices for the benefit of our customers.

The second thing is understanding. The glass industry needs us, we think. We have the know-how that makes us a pioneer in the industry. The business environment is constantly changing. Technology has to evolve with it. Our customers need solutions to their challenges to ensure production efficiency tomorrow.

The third is community. We create meaning not only for our customers, but for all our great and talented people who put themselves on the line to meet customer challenges and want to excel together. Team spirit is really important to us. This spirit is also evident at all levels up to top management. We have extensive experience and our employees are top experts. This experience has been retained over the years and continues to be passed forward as new individuals take the reins, while the expertise of our veterans remains available. For instance, Jarmo N├Ąppi, our long-time managing director, continues to share his experience with us, even though he has otherwise moved to a more background role.

This is what teamwork is all about. This is Lahti Glass Technology.

Jarmo Sopanen

Managing Director

Solutions Clinic

You know your challenges, we'll find a solution for you. We put our experience from hundreds of batch plant projects to work for you.

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