Annukka Broman
Lifetime care & spare parts

Annukka Broman. I was born in Tampere but lived most of my youth in Taipalsaari, near Lappeenranta and now I live in Vääksy, near Lahti, with my two children.

I have attended schools in Lappeenranta until high school. After that, I went to an export technician course with a friend. It sounded great to be able to travel abroad for work.

After that, I worked as a technician for a while until the economic downturn took my job away. Later I found a new job as a sheet metal welder at Rauma Shipyard. Eventually, even there, the job situation deteriorated, and I decided to go to Lappeenranta Technical School and graduated as a design technician. I continued my education as a mechanical engineer in construction at the South Karelia University of Applied Sciences.

After that I came to Lahti. I got a job in a subcontracting company that also worked for Raute Precision (now LGT). Eventually I switched to Raute Precision completely, and that is the path I am still on.

I have been doing design work at LGT most of the time. I have been a designer, senior designer, process area manager and chief designer. The spare parts salesman retired a few years ago. I was asked if I was interested in that position. I agreed because it was more suited to my life situation.

I’m very happy at LGT, I always have been. It says a lot about the company that I’ve been here for over 20 years. It has never occurred to me to change jobs. I get to do the work I like and meet interesting people. The previous design experience is also good for my current job.

LGT is a company where you can explore a wide range of jobs according to your interests. You can influence your own working environment and there is good communication between management and employees. Good discussions take place at the lunch and coffee table during breaks. And the food is absolutely fantastic in downstair cantina!

LGT has an excellent team, like a family, with whom you work together. And when new people come in, they are very well integrated into the team. If there are problems, everybody help each other. We are slowly looking for more young makers, so I encourage anyone interested to get in touch!

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