Miikka Lähteenmäki
Control Systems Engineer
Software and Commissioning

I’m Miikka Lähteenmäki. I have lived in Lahti my whole life, except for my study years in Helsinki.

I attended schools in Lahti and graduated as an electrical technician in 2012. After that, it was time for military service. While serving, I decided to apply to a university of applied sciences in Helsinki, and I got accepted.

During my studies, I also worked as an electrical technician at LSK Technology in Lahti. I joined LGT approximately three years ago.

The glass industry was unfamiliar to me, so it has been great to work in the same premises as my colleagues. That way, I have the opportunity to ask for help from more experienced individuals. My work involves automation design, logic programming, interfaces, design and implementation, and commissioning at customer sites.

I live alone, so traveling around the world is not a problem right now for me. It is a requirement for my job, and I actually enjoy it, especially at this moment. The best part of traveling is meeting new and different people and getting to know the local everyday life, which you don’t experience on vacation trips. Business trips also allow me to see places I probably wouldn’t visit otherwise.

LGT has an excellent atmosphere among everyone. We know how to enjoy our work, and it doesn’t feel forced. The team knows how to joke and laugh, which is important for team spirit. There are various job opportunities within the company, and you can discuss anything openly.

I believe LGT is suitable for anyone. This team welcomes new employees very well. The work is diverse and challenging, and you don’t get lost in bureaucratic whirlwinds here.

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