Jamshid Shidfar
Sales Manager

Jamshid Shidfar has been working for LGT for twenty years. Currently “Jami” works as a sales manager. He has seen the industry from a viewpoint in many different roles, which gives him an exceptionally good insight into his current work. Jami was born in Tehran, Iran. He took a big step at a young age, moving to Vienna, Austria, at the age of 19 for higher education. There, he studied at the Vienna University of Technology and graduated as a diploma engineer in the field of mechanical engineering. Before moving to Finland and Lahti in the 1990s, Jami worked for a year in Vienna by Alex Friedman AG as design engineer.

Broad Work Experience

Jami began his career in Finland in a company called Teräskomponentti in 1993. As a Production manager, Jami became deeply familiar with Finnish machine shops, focusing especially on medium-heavy pressure vessels and forestry machinery. In 2000, it was time to move to Lahden Autokori (Coaches/Bus manufacturer), where he served as an Operational design leader.

His next employer was Outokumpu Oy, where Jami worked as a Senior Chief Designer, focusing on copper smelting technologies. Eventually, the long commute from Lahti to Espoo began to weigh on him.

Two Decades at LGT

Since 2004, Jami has been part of the team at Raute Precision and later LGT. Here, he has seen and experienced every corner of the glass industry.

“LGT is a skilled house. A small team has bonded well together, and everyone supports each other as needed. I have always liked this kind of work culture,” Jami says.

Jami’s career at LGT has been extremely diverse: project management, customer relationship maintenance, technical design, and sales work. Business trips around the world have naturally expanded his experience and perspectives in their own way. Getting to know different people and learning from them has also helped in managing customer relationships.

Language skills have also been a great advantage in Jami’s career: he speaks German, Finnish, English, and Persian fluently. This diverse language proficiency has helped him understand different cultures and operate effectively in international markets.

“I believe that thanks to my experience, I can help our customers find the most cost-effective solutions. It always depends on the challenge and the technical solution made accordingly. In the end, the overall package is what gives our customers value. It involves great design, the right technology, and the insights of a team of experts. That brings savings to our customers – in energy, materials, money, and time. That’s what we try to do in every project we do”, Jami says.

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